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Pest control in Kings Point, NY

Pest control is one of the essential services that is required in modern times. It is necessary for both humans and the environment to be able to control pests because of the dangers they pose to human health as well as the economy. Concerning your health, pests such as rats, mice, wasps, flies, ants can carry a wide range of diseases, including food poisoning, bacteria, malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, while pests such as termites, if not controlled, can inflict damage on agriculture and property with the economic and financial losses having a ripple effect based on many variables and guess what; most house insurance policies don’t even cover them!

Pest control is serious business and not just something that can be learned by watching short videos or done by just anybody. A pest control specialist or an exterminator should be consulted in scenarios of pest invasion or disturbance, and within the Kings Point, NY, Nassau, there is no better pest control company than Optimum Pest Control.

If you begin to hear noises in your attic or soffit, there is a probability that pests have found their way into your home and you need to call an exterminator and likewise, if you come across some of these pests, rather than try to get rid of them yourself, you need to call us. Some pets though such as bed bugs, fleas can go unnoticed for weeks while feeding on humans and so whenever you feel irritation, marks, or swelling on your skin, it could be that pests have gained access into your home.

Signs of pests in your home

While some pests can be visibly seen or heard around the home, some others may not exactly be easily noticeable by sound or sight. Some signs that you may see or feel to help know if there are pests in your home are;

  • Larvae around your clothes in the drawer and closet
  • Larvae infestation in grain foods
  • Holes in your clothes
  • Big mounds of excavated dirt on your lawn
  • Sawdust
  • Dropping that looks like black spots or smears on the mattress, bed sheets.
  • Bites and rashes that itch
  • Mud tunnels

Whenever you notice any of these signs in your home, it means you require an exterminator in Kings Point to help you with pest control in your home, contact Optimum Pest Control.

Why you should contact us

Professional service guaranteed

Within Kings Point, NY, Nassau, we offer the best professional services with an emphasis on quality and customer satisfaction. Using international standards and best world pest control methods, we deliver our services with such professionalism to ensure that our clients never need to have pets control problems anymore.

We understand that each pest control problems differ in different homes and that is why we visit your home to do a free estimate and checkup of your home to be able to carry out treatment methods that are tailor specific to your problem and after carrying out the treatment of your home, we ensure to do a follow up in a matter of days or weeks depending on the pest control method used.

Experienced and Qualified hands for the job

We as a company have been in the industry for a long time and have a team in place here at Optimum Pest Control, who has been in the industry as well and possess both the requisite experience and qualification to handle the variety of pests that you may require to be rid of from your home. Well trained and friendly, you will certainly find our team fun to work with to ensure that you, your family, and your friends are safe, secure, and comfortable in your home.

Excellent Customer support and feedback

At Optimum Pest Control, we constantly undergo training to be armed with the most up-to-date information in the industry as we continually seek ways to serve our customers better. We operate a customer feedback system where we love to listen to our customers on their experience working with us as we seek to improve.

In the case where a customer gives a complaint of pest disturbance after we have done our jobs, we return to do a checkup and cleaning service at no extra cost to the customer. We also help our customers by giving them advice on pest control measures for their homes.

If you reside within Kings Point, NY, Nassau, and you need an exterminator, do visit our website at https://optimumpestcontrol.com or give us a call on 516-509-8362 and let us come to run a free estimate for your home.

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