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Pest control services in Plainedge, NY

The home should be a haven of comfort, safety, and relaxation for you, your family, and friends but having pests around makes that impossible. The obvious dangers of having pests in the home include threats to health with diseases like Malaria, Yellow fever, Dengue fever, and threat to the property with the potential damage that can be caused leading to both economic and financial losses.

Pest control should be taken care of by professional companies which offer pest control services and have the right mix of quality, expertise, and standard equipment. Within Plainedge, NY, Nassau, Optimum Pest Control offers the best pests control services.

Our years of experience dealing with pests and top standard equipment and pest control methods guarantee that you will not find an exterminator better than our team. Our tested and trusted treatment methods assure us that we can get your home rid of pests with our 100% customer satisfaction, never in doubt.

Our pest control services are wide and that is why we are confident that whatever the type of pest, we can effectively control them and put a stop to them in your home. Our pests control services cover various pests including:

  • Ants

Pavement Ants: They can sometimes be very difficult to control because of their small size (ranging between 1/16 into 1/8 in long) and are usually found in cracks of pavements, underneath slabs, soil

Carpenter Ants: These types of ants can travel for long distances of up to 100 yards and can be found outdoors on damp wood or inside the home in nests that they build which makes controlling them tricky and difficult.

  • Bees and Wasps

Carpenter Bee: These particular types of bees’ nest in wood only and are particularly dangerous to wood framings and panels within the home, garages, soffits, decks because they severely weaken and damage the wood by drilling holes into the wood.

Yellow Jacket: Very aggressive wasps that can cause danger to health by stinging. They sting multiple times when provoked and the stings can be life-threatening for allergic persons. They can be found in multiple places including attics, underground, hollow trees.

  • Rodent control

Mice: These are really small rodents that can get into small spaces and food. They can cause danger to health as they contaminate by leaving droppings and urine and chew electrical wires leaving them exposed and a risk. Once they get into homes, they can be difficult to control.

Rat: Bigger than mice, they can build their homes inside or outside the home with the different species posing danger to the home.

  • Roaches

American Cockroach: Reddish brown with a yellow margin behind the head, this type of roaches which are also called water bugs are considered as one of the fastest running insects and can also fit into small spaces, cracks, and underneath floors.

German Cockroach: These are the most common type of roaches you see around the home with their rapid rate of reproduction making them a danger to the home. They feed on anything to survive and can be difficult to control because of their number.

Oriental Cockroach: Dark brown or black with a glossy body, they are usually found in damp places in the home and the sewer.

Why should you contact us?

Quality service

If you need an exterminator in Plainedge that can offer quality on service delivered, Optimum Pest Control is your go-to company. We inspect your home free of charge to identify the problem and determine the most appropriate control method to rid your home once and for all.

Our insistence on quality makes us the No 1 pest control experts in Plainedge, NY, Nassau.

Green Service Available

There are many pest control methods available which an exterminator can apply to help you get rid of pests but not all methods are safe for you, your family, and kids. We offer green services that are safe for your kids and even your pet with our services including organic treatments as well as integrated pest management (IPM).

Free video monitoring

New technology is being introduced for a more effective method of pest control. We at Optimum Pest Control combine both still and video cameras alongside traditional tracking methods to efficiently monitor wildlife and pest movements to be able to control and get rid of them from your home.

Whenever you need bees an exterminator within Plainedge, NY, Nassau, please contact Optimum Pest Control on phone at 516-509-8362 or you can visit our website at https://optimumpestcontrol.com to get the full range of our amazing services.

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