Mosquito Spraying In Westbury South

How Can Mosquito Spray for Yards Protect Your Westbury South, NY Home?

Mosquitoes can be terrible irritants, not just within homes and offices but anywhere those who love the outdoors go. Although some mosquito bites could be harmless with just itching, scratching, and irritation, others carry dangerous diseases such as Zika virus, Chikungunya virus, Dengue fever, malaria, West Nile virus, Rift Valley fever, and La Crosse Encephalitis.

When the weather is just lovely and warm, there are few things better than being outdoors to enjoy the atmosphere, either spending time with family, setting an outdoor party with friends, or even just soaking it all in on your own. Still, the possibility of mosquitoes putting damp on all these by their presence can be highly frustrating. Taking measures to deal with mosquitoes has therefore become a necessity, especially in homes, to ensure the safety of lives from bites, itching, and the possible diseases mosquitoes transmit.

Mosquito spraying is one of the most practical and productive ways to deal with mosquitoes in yards for many homes. Of course, there are other methods of getting rid of mosquitoes in your yards which include; getting rid of stagnant water, keeping tall grass mowed, and getting rid of any trash laying around. While these methods can help with the problem, applying mosquito spray for yards is the most effective method.

Mosquito sprays should be applied in and around areas in the yard that are mosquito resting places such as shrubs, underside of decks, flower beds, tall grasses, standing water, lawn edges and various options for treatment include using ready to use aerosols, garden sprayers, hose end applicators, or foggers.

Are mosquito sprays effective for yards?

Mosquito spraying is a technique for pest control that has been around for a very long time and that is primarily because of its effectiveness. Mosquito sprays for yards can last for many hours and even several days depending on the level of concentration and the product you use and they are ideally used prior (a day) to an event to be done at the backyard.

For effectiveness, it is best to employ the services of licensed professionals who have the requisite expertise and knowledge on pest control and within the Westbury South, NY, Nassau, we at Optimum Pest Control are just the right company to contact.

Mosquito sprays contain chemicals which are toxic to insects and work to kill them or keep them away. Some of these active ingredients are:


This ingredient which is naturally occurring in some chrysanthemum flowers is a mixture of six chemicals and is very toxic to mosquitoes, fleas, flies, moths. Used in over 2,000 pesticide products, this ingredient has been in use for decades in different products.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has regulated and approved the use of pyrethroids and pyrethrin in pest control which assures the non-toxicity and environmental safety of the use of such chemicals as mosquito spray for yards.

It is recommended that you follow the label instructions and avoid exposure either by inhaling through the nose or through the eyes and skin. In the case of any exposure, be sure to follow the First Aid instructions that would be on the product label carefully before possibly reaching out to your doctor.


This ingredient is synthetic pyrethrin and is commonly used in mosquito sprays. Much more lasting than many other products, lambda-cyhalothrin-based products are mildly toxic to birds and mammals but highly toxic to mosquitoes, fleas, moths, and also fishes.

Ensure that you check out the product label upon purchase to be well acquainted with the product you purchased before application to avoid exposure and ingesting of these chemicals. For some products, you may be required to stay away from the area for a couple of hours to prevent the possibility of exposure, while some may be mildly toxic to your pet, meaning you will have to move your pet away until it is safe for the pet to be around.

Mosquito spraying, while being a very effective pest control method, may not be a long-term solution to keeping mosquitoes away from your yard. In the event of rainfall, mosquito sprays can still be effective depending on the product used but will need to be reapplied in some cases.

Why you should contact us

Professional and Licensed experts

At Optimum Pest Control, we have qualified personnel who are licensed to carry out pest control within Westbury South, NY, Nassau. Mosquito sprays contain chemicals that can be toxic if not appropriately applied hence the need to contact our team to help carry out mosquito spraying within Westbury South.

Additionally, for better effectiveness of mosquito sprays for yards, we are a professional pest control company with the requisite up-to-date information in the industry to best handle the job.

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Our team of experts is well trained to deliver the best services in the friendliest way possible. Upon the successful completion of our services, we ensure to carry out a follow-up to ensure the efficiency of our service. If there is the need to do a follow-up job, we ensure to carry it out swiftly and at no extra cost.

We are interested in improving, and that is why we ensure that our team is continually trained on the best practices in the industry. We also treasure our customers and operate a feedback system where our customers can speak to us on our services and ways, they feel we can serve them better to improve our services continually.

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If you live within Westbury South, NY, please call us at our number 516-656-7833, or drop us a line on our website to get a free quote for your service. Let us ensure that your yards are protected from pests and diseases.

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