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Pest Control Astoria NY

pest-control-astoria-nyWelcome to Optimum Pest Control, the Pest Control Astoria NY experts! There are many types of pests looking to invade your home. Identifying your problem is the first step to solving it. Let us come by and inspect your home free of charge to properly identify your pest problem. Whether its insects, rodents, or wildlife removal, we can rid your home of these unwanted invaders.

We Use Humane Methods

We use humane removal methods to rid your home of these animals. Using traps, we can safely remove an animal without harming it. When all animals are removed, in some cases, we can patch the entrance hole, stopping any further problems. If you hear noises coming from the attic or soffits around your home, there is a good chance a squirrel or raccoon is getting in to make a home for itself. Call now to let us check your home free of charge. 

Green Service Available

Kid and pet friendly safe for families. Green services include organic treatments and practicing integrated pest management (IPM). We use the least amount of pesticides possible to eliminate your pest problem. For example using baits instead of sprays. Let us do a free in home inspection to see if a green service will work for you.

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Termite Control

We use the #1 selling bait stations to help eliminate your infestation.


Cockroaches can easily get out of control because of rapid reproduction

Wasp Control

They are very aggressive and if provoked they will sting multiple times.

Ant Control

They feed on mainly on sweets. They are very difficult to control.

Bedbug Control

Bedbugs can go unnoticed for weeks making control more difficult.

Mice & Rat Control

Let us inspect, control, and make the right recommendations.

Our Commitment To You

Here at Optimum Pest Control, we are dedicated to providing you with excellence in customer service. When it comes to eliminating pest problems, we’re your #1 choice.
Our training is ongoing so we always have the most up to date information in the industry.

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