Ant Spraying In Rockville Centre

Spray Ant Killer for Yard in Rockville Centre, NY

Ants are one of the most common insects that can be found frequently in the yard. They can leave a pheromone trail for other ants to follow after and come to your home, and while they have some benefits, such as clearing dead bugs in the yard, ants are one of the pests that cause the biggest headaches and can pose a huge problem in yards in homes.

Ants build mounds which can suffocate the grass underneath the dirt and can cause damage to crops and gardens. Depending on the species, ants forage and try to find their way into homes, especially during wet and unfavorable weather conditions to find shelter.

Ants transmit diseases such as shigella, salmonella and once ants get into the home, it is always a very process to try to get them exterminated, and that is why it is best to get them taken care of while still in the yard.

Some ant bites and the sting causes itching, irritation and swelling, which can lead to shock in some extreme cases, and this can be a problem, especially with kids and your pet who love to play on the lawn in the yard.

There are several methods of getting rid of ants in the yard, including ant control bait treatment, ant spraying.

Ant spraying is one of the most effective methods of getting rid of ants in the yard. There are different types of spray ant killer for yards that are effective. At the same time, some have active ingredients that are potentially toxic to pets and humans, such as hydramethylnon and pyrethrin. Some have non-toxic active ingredients that are ant-specific such as fipronil, avermectin B1 and cypermethrin. Also, there are ant sprays that contain plant safe, biodegradable ingredients, which will effectively get rid of ants in the yard without affecting organic produce.

The choice of ant spray to be applied is usually dependent on the species of ant that has infested the yard. In the case of fire ants, for example, they are more harmful than some other species and require aggressive pest control sprays.

In the application of spray ant killer for yard, some guidelines are to be adhered to;

  • Ensure to read the label and follow through with the instruction and direction.
  • Identify mounds, rake the flat mound spot and treat the nests with the ant spray.
  • If you are using granules, apply it on the surface with the diluted chemical solution and irrigate immediately afterwards to work the chemical into the soil.
  • Ensure you keep the chemical solution away from where your children or pets can access it, so they don’t stumble on it.

With more than 700 species of ants, ant identification in the yard can be quite a challenge for homeowners hence the need for an expert eye to help identify and take care of ant in the yard. Optimum Pest Control is the best pest control company to contact to handle ant spraying within Rockville Centre.

Why are we the perfect company to handle your pest problem?

Experienced and Licensed professionals

Ants can be hard to kill because they are social insects and they live in colonies, and so that means that if you see one, the chances that the others are nearby are very high. To exterminate them successfully, you require the services of qualified professionals licensed to spray ant killer for the yard.

Our team of expert and trained professionals have vast experience handling pest problems and can effectively spray ant killers for the yard to get rid of the pests. Our team is continually trained and is thus always equipped with the most up-to-date information in the industry to ensure that pests are thoroughly handled and shut down.

Quick response and availability

We are available at all times and open to customers to contact us about their pest problems. Our phone lines are always open, and you can also reach out to us via our email to chat with us online and get an immediate response.

We are quick to dispatch a team down to your home to carry out a thorough check through your yard to locate the trail of the ants, identify the type and size of ants and look out for nests at the end of routes.

Excellent customer experience

At Optimum Pest Control, we value our customers and ensure that we deliver a quality service to all our customers. Our well-trained staff strives to ensure that we satisfy our customers and attend to their every need. With our insistence on 100% delivery on all our services, we always seek to ensure that our customers are left with only positive reviews and referrals.

We do not pack up and leave after delivering our services but carry out a post-job check to assess the level of effectiveness and if we need to carry out another job on the location.

We continually seek to improve and value our customers’ feedback on services rendered. We have a feedback mechanism where customers can give their thoughts on jobs carried out and improve to serve them better and integrate it into our working module.

Best Prices

Within the Rockville Centre, NY, Nassau, we offer the best market-friendly prices that are affordable for our customers. We understand that there is always a dilemma regarding getting quality services at affordable prices and have gone ahead to sort that out by having our quality services at the best and lowest prices available in the industry.

We also offer a 100% money back refund on jobs done which are deemed not of sufficient quality by our clients; such is our confidence in the quality and delivery of our services.

If you reside within Rockville Centre, NY, Nassau, and you need the services of a pest control company to spray ant killer for the yard, then do reach out to us on 516-656-7833 or visit our website at to get a free quote from us and get your home rid of all pests.

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