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Pests can be a huge pain for everyone; after all, no one likes seeing or hearing pests in their home either during the day or at night. In some cases, some pests can even be harmful to your health and that of your loved ones and family, with the possibility of infection a real threat to the home. Then there’s also the danger some pests can bring to your property, leading to irreparable financial losses. Whatever the case, pests are no one’s friend, and it is best to ensure you get rid of them as soon as you can before they degenerate into a full-blown crisis.

Within Glen Cove, NY, Nassau County, whenever you think of an exterminator near me, there should be just one company that comes to mind, Optimum Pest Control. Controlling or getting rid of the pest in your home, the office cannot be best handled by just anybody, but an expert exterminator; not even a DIY video can sufficiently explain all it entails to handle pest situations hence the importance of hiring an exterminator that can execute the job perfectly regardless of the type of pest and whatever the season of the year.

At Optimum Pest Control, we offer our expert services with 100% satisfaction guaranteed ranging from termites’ control, bed bugs control, mosquitoes’ control, pest control, wildlife removal, and green services.

Bed bugs control

Bed bugs are usually very difficult to control once they get into your home. They can stay for days and weeks on end without being noticed with their ability to be able to stay close and hide within their hosts making them extremely difficult to get rid of.

We have the most aggressive approach in Nassau County, to treat bed bugs. We identify the level of infestation before recommending a method of treatment and follow up automatically a few days or two weeks after treatment for a check-up depending on the method of treatment used.

Termite control

Termites can prove to be a particularly dangerous pest because they come from underground and cause property damage; feeding off the cellulose in wood as they destroy it from the inside while the wood may still appear to be in perfect order from the exterior. Termites are reproductive and survive in mud tunnels they build which makes them difficult to control.

You require an exterminator with experience to be able to make the appropriate recommendation on the control method to be used and we at Optimum Pest Control have not just the expertise but the advanced system to rid your property of termites.

Mosquito control

Mosquitoes are very deadly pests that can cause harm to you and your family’s health. Malaria, Yellow fever, Dengue fever, Zika virus are just a few of the diseases which are caused by mosquitoes with malaria statically being responsible for about 1 million deaths every year.

With our safe, certified, efficient and eco-friendly products which work fast, we have just the right product to help you get rid of mosquitoes from your vicinity regardless of the season and keep you and your family safe from diseases.

Wildlife control

Certain wildlife animals such as squirrels, raccoons can be seen in and around the homes. They sometimes gain access through the roof of homes hiding out in attics, soffits, underneath decks and are dangerous to both your health and property.

If you reside within Glen Cove, NY, Nassau County, and you hear noises in your attic, soffit, roof or you come across any type of wildlife animal, you certainly need an exterminator and when you think of an exterminator near me, think Optimum Pest Control.

We use both humane removal and exclusion service methods to safely remove wildlife. We also ensure that all possible entrance and exit holes are patched to prevent possible recurrences in the future.

Ever in need of an exterminator in Glen Cove that will guarantee excellent services while offering a free estimate on services, there is only one within the Glen Cove, NY, Nassau County that can guarantee that. With our experienced and well-trained team, we employ the most appropriate and effective form of treatment tailored to your home and pest disturbance to ensure your life and that of your family and property are safe and secured.

We at Optimum Pest Control are committed to providing you with excellence which is why we continually undergo training to always have the most up-to-date information in the industry. Today, contact us on 516-509-8362 or visit our website at https://optimumpestcontrol.com to experience our prompt and excellent customer relation support service.

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