Island Park Pest Control

Island Park Pest Control by Optimum Pest Control. There are many types of pests looking to invade your home. Identifying your problem is the first step to solving it. Let us come by and inspect your home free of charge to properly identify your pest problem. Whether its insects, rodents, or wildlife removal, we can rid your home of these unwanted invaders. We guarantee all our work so that you can rest assured knowing the problem will be solved. Call us today to schedule an appointment for a free estimate.


Here at Optimum Pest Control, we are dedicated to providing you with excellence in customer service. When it comes to eliminating pest problems, we’re your #1 choice. Our training is ongoing so we always have the most up to date information in the industry.

Termites can be difficult to control because they come from underground and are commonly called “hidden invaders”. We use a very aggressive approach to keeping termites under control while trying to eliminate colonies around your home keeping it protected all year round. There are a few methods to control termites. Every situation is different so we must inpect your home first before making the appropriate recommendations. We use a combination of liquid treatment and a baiting system. We use the #1 selling bait stations to help eliminate your infestation. Advance Termite Baiting System is widely used across the country and is specifically designed for subterranean termites. Call today for a free estimate and free inspection.

Bed bugs range in size from1/4 to 5/8 inch. They are flat, oval, and reddish brown. They hide in cracks and crevices of a room including furniture, molding, outlets, and carpet edges. They generally stay as close to the host as possible. They have piercing mouthparts to draw blood for food. Bed bug females lay about 200 eggs which hatch in about 1 to 2 weeks. Newborn bed bugs will be ready to lay their own eggs in 4 to 8 weeks.

To take care of your mosquito problem we use our Green Pest Control Products to ensure that your family and pets are safe from any harmful chemicals. Our products will knockout any of the bloodsucking pests lurking around you home and are green certified and efficient. Our environmentally friendly products are created with a natural, botanically based technology that that uses botanical compounds to take care of your pest problem. You will love the speed and safety of our mosquito control process as well as the knowledge that your family will be free of itchy bites all season!

For residents of Island Park we use humane removal methods to rid your home of these animals. Using traps, we can safely remove an animal without harming it. When all animals are remove, in some cases, we can patch the entrance hole, stopping any further problems. If you hear noises coming from the attic or soffits around your home , there is a good chance a squirrel or raccoon is getting in to make a home for itself. Call now to let us check your home free of charge.